Just like your other preferred programs where you get rewarded for concentrating your business at a preferred airline, hotel, or car rental provider, you can now earn personal rewards on your company meals and entertainment expenses when you concentrate your spending with restaurants in the Dinova network. Every time you use your corporate card at a Dinova network restaurant, you will automatically earn reward points that you can redeem for restaurant gift card(s) of your choice. You benefit from personal rewards on business dining expenses. The restaurants benefit by gaining new and more frequent business when you dine at their establishment. Your company benefits by receiving savings in the form of monthly rebates. myDinova benefits ALL parties involved.


You can receive points based on dining activity, network loyalty, and taking advantage of special offers or promotions:

Dining activity - For every $1 you spend in a Dinova network restaurants, you’ll earn 1 point.

Network loyalty - You will receive BONUS points based on the percent of in-network restaurant visits you make during a given month. If at least 25% of your restaurant visits are in-network then you’ll earn an additional 25% BONUS on your in-network spend. If at least 50% of your restaurant visits are in-network, then you’ll earn 50% more BONUS points on your in-network spend.

Special offers/promotions - Occasionally we will offer certain promotions to reward you for dining at specific restaurants. If you take advantage of the offer, you will automatically receive the points offered with that promotion.

The bottom line: More dining at preferred restaurants = more points!


When you sign up for myDinova and register your corporate card information, your card number is encrypted and then used to identify dining transactions at restaurants within the Dinova as well as those that are out of the Dinova network. Dinova uses this encrypted information to award you points on the total transaction amount and to calculate the number of BONUS points at the end of each month.


Once you start earning points, you are eligible to redeem those points for a gift card at a wide variety of Dinova network restaurants. Several of our restaurants offer an e-Gift card, which we can send to you via email, or a physical Gift Card, which we will mail to you. Our restaurants offer various gift card amounts so you can start redeeming your myDinova points with as little as 500 points with those restaurants supporting a $5.00 gift card. Or save up and redeem your points at higher dollar amounts. The redemption process is easy: just select the card you want for the amount relative to the points you’ve earned, submit the request to us, and the card will be on its way to you. It’s that simple!


myDinova is a rewards program exclusively for employees of eligible companies who participate in the Dinova network. If you have additional questions, please see our FAQs or Contact Us and we will respond to your inquiry promptly.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your dining transactions to be applied to your account. Bonus awards are calculated and applied to your account on the last calendar day of the month.